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While using Pandora in what I now call Listening Mode, I had a great idea for something that is very much missing from an otherwise awesome radio service — Curation Mode.

What Is Curation Mode?

Curation Mode is designed to provide helpful, responsive curation feedback to ensure that station curation is highly accessible and intuitive, just like station creation. Curation knowledge fosters loyalty (i.e. drives Pandora One sales) because it gives users tangible power to remove any "new user uncertainty" they may have about the deeper, more meaningful interaction processes that ultimately make Pandora unique and worth owning—customized commercial free radio.

User Story

In this example, a user likes the current song, but feels it falls outside the current genre. The user wants to ban it from the current station, but not other current or future stations.


A user can thumb a song up or down and see the exact scope of suppression being applied. This helps the user understand the degree of control they have over station content. Curation Mode is great because users do not have to leave the active interface and experience to understand the degree to which they are “suppressing” that song or artist. Currently, Pandora’s help section provides an ambiguous answer at best.

To give users proper control over Curation Mode, I also designed a settings menu consisting of simple admin controls like ON/OFF toggles and check boxes. These settings can be used to create a preset configuration that is applied to all the thumbs in the active interface version of Curation Mode. The goal of these settings is to reduce touches within the active interface while listening to music.

Other Considerations

  • Pandora One Sales
  • User Growth Arc
  • Learn by Using
  • Sense of Purpose/Place
  • Information Hierarchy
  • Design Language
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Vertical Rhythm
  • Typography
  • Navigation
  • UI Feedback
  • Ease of Use
  • Undo