Ranger 7 Films { branding }

Ranger 7 Films { branding }

Ranger 7 Films is a new production company that came to me for branding, creative direction, and web design. I worked with the principals of the company to define the core mission and select a proper brand name for the company. We then selected Aaron Becker to design the company trademark based on our mood boards and the brand story I crafted with the client.

Brand Story

Ranger 7 was the first NASA satellite to successfully photograph and send images of the Moon back to Earth. The satellite had one mission and it was designed – as were its six predecessors that failed – to achieve this mission prior to an unavoidable and intended crash into the surface of the Moon. Lucky number 7 succeeded with this captivating image of the lunar surface.

Ranger 7 Films shares a company mission similar to NASA’s Ranger 7 satellite — to make moving pictures that show audiences something they have never seen before. And just like NASA, R7F is willing to achieve its mission under any circumstances, meaning failure is not an option.

The desire to explore the unknown fueled the space race and is at the root of Ranger 7′s famous close-up of the Moon. It metaphorically follows that Ranger 7 Films is devoted to using film as a medium for exploring deep space creativity and pushing the boundaries of the unknown out farther than ever thought possible.