ShopSmart { mobile app }

ShopSmart { mobile app }

Ever wonder how a smartphone app can make it easier to shop in a large store? For this project, which I call ShopSmart, I used Wholefoods because my local store is massive and always over-crowded. This iOS native design demonstrates the key path scenario of finding a product without asking for help from a live human being, all in just six simple steps:

  1. Welcome Screen
  2. Search Tools
  3. List View
  4. Product Profile
  5. Store Map
  6. Bay/Shelf Map

The Basic Idea

Customers can search a store and find products using mapping features that guide them to a product’s location in the store. Once a customer is in front of the shelving bay containing the product they are looking for, the overhead store map switches to a full frontal map of the shelving bay and highlights the location of the product to eliminate unnecessary shelf scanning. If a product has been relocated or is out of stock, the customer can press a help button to page a live human being for special assistance.

The goal of all product features is to create
win-win scenarios for customers, stakeholders, and vendors.

Other Sweet Features

SmartLists (shopping) – Allows customers to create shopping lists that display total costs before shopping and then takes them on the shortest shopping path through the store. Customers who do not have time to shop, such as busy professionals, can create and share a SmartList with their spouse, personal chef, or production assistant.

SmartLists (delivery) – Customers who want to avoid busy aisles and long check out lines can order a list of groceries right to their home. This is ideal for major metropolitan areas because it:

  • Turns smartphone customers into mobile cash registers.
  • Eliminates the hassle of shopping in a crowded store.
  • Decreases parking spot shortages for store management.
  • Creates "green" CSR opportunities that empower marketing and branding.

Product Favorites – Connects customers to web deals by promoting their favorite products. Stakeholders can then justify creating an ad network to deepen their relationship with both customers, who benefit by saving money, and vendors, who benefit through strategic implementation of ad placements of a customer’s favorite products. Ad network revenue represents an unprecedented revenue stream for stakeholders of organizations of this type.

Coupons – Allows customers to easily browse new deals, products, promotions, and events for their local store, which:

  • Generates revenue for the company.
  • Saves customers money.
  • Strengthens customer/vendor relationships.

Why It’s Neat

Smartphone customers can:

  • Streamline their customer service experience.
  • Shop efficiently in a store or at home.
  • Connect with web deals to save money.

Stakeholders and vendors can:

  • Enjoy greater customer loyalty.
  • Increased profits.
  • Healthier customer & business relationships.